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Gallery of Previous Auctions

When we at Fojtik Auction & Equipment Company in Mathis, TX hold an auction, hundreds of people attend. Just look at the pictures of our past auctions. Make sure to attend our next auction or you will miss valuable equipment at amazing prices!


Bay City, Texas - May 13th, 2017

Photos of our Last auction in Bay City, Texas on Highway 60 North. Very large absolute auction for the bank and Mike Stone Grass Farms. Had 872 lots, sold until 7p.m. that afternoon, good crowd. We thank all you buyers and sellers for your participation. All consignors paid out in 2 days. If you ever need to have an auction call us in Mathis, Tx. @ 361-547-9400. Your place or ours. We are not scared to travel.

Thank you,

Fojtik Auction Co. & Fojtik Auction Co. Employees

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